Protecting personal data

Oasis Technological Solutions assumes the following responsibilities:

  1. Protecting all data generated by and provided to us by our users from being stolen, compromised, or used in violation with this policy.
  2. Never selling user-provided and user-generated data for financial gain or competitive advantage.
  3. Informing users if their data is compromised, either by failure to protect data or by order to surrender data to a legal authority, to the fullest extent we are lawfully able.


Customers can get technical support by contacting us through e-mail: and WhatsApp number: +968-71111986.

Payment Provider

Credit Card payments are processed through Thawani. All credit card data including the cardholder name, credit card number, expiration date, CVV, and full billing address are sent to Thawani via an API for processing. Details regarding what products a customer is purchasing and other demographic information are not sent to Thawani.


We provide shipping locally (within Oman) through local delivery companies starting from a flat rate of 2.00 OMR.

Local pick-up is available upon request within Al-Khoudh area.

Refund Policy

Purchased items will be refunded/exchanged in case if received damaged or not working when first tested. If the item has a warranty, it will be stated on the website.

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Payment

Payment may be made by credit card (Thawani) or Bank transferred to our Bank Muscat account (all fees are borne by the Customer). If Customer fails to make payment when it is due, Oasis Technological Solutions reserves the right to cancel the purchase order.

Terms of Delivery

For delivery purpose, customer must provide us with his/her full name, full address (way number, house number, and province (Walayah). In case if using P.O.Box address, please specify this in the notes section.

Terms of Refund

If we agree that the order must be refunded, please provide us with your Bank Account Number , Bank Name and Beneficiary Name.

VAT Taxes

Once VAT Taxe is activated, we will inform you by including it at the payment page.